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Winterfall     The ultimate in Christmas music from hammered dulcimer player Lee Spears and pianist Donna Beck Michael.  To order

Dulcimer Christmas music

  • Rich in arpeggios, delicate texturing...inventive arrangements of standard Christmas music. --Encore Magazine

  • Infinite clarity of sound in joy and gentleness, the music gathers strength and warmth in crystalline fashion...the room fills with a chorus of instrumentation. -- ESP magazine

  • An uplifting, cheery mood...with pensive, quiet times that reflect the winter season. --Out 'n About

  • It is soothing, a far cry from the atmosphere of most stores during the Christmas Season. --Mountain Times

  • Haunting and beautiful. My all-time favorite Christmas album.--eFolk Music reviewer

This is the most tasteful treatment of traditional Christmas songs I have ever heard. I have had this album on cassette for 10 years and I never tire of listening to it. I'm really glad to have found it on CD.--Steve, eFolk Music reviewer

This is my all time favorite Christmas album. I am SO happy to have found it on cd format.

Since the debut of the album I have worn out a vinyl, stretched out two casette tapes and need something more permanent!

'It Came Upon the Midnight Clear' was a song I would have been happy to never hear again...but now I have changed my mind. The arrangement on 'Winterfall' is haunting and beautiful. The counterpoint melody stays with you throughout the year.

I play this album throughout the year. This is how much I enjoy it.-- JT, eFolk Music reviewer

 "Winterfall is by far the best Christmas album I have ever heard," --Alfred Davis, eFolk Music.


The Brighter Side of Night

The Brighter Side of Night






Winterfall is the ultimate in dulcimer Christmas music, from Lee Spears and Donna Beck Michael.
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