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"I build for the

person looking for

that final hammer

dulcimer, who


a more


and complex

range of sounds."


A Spears hammer

dulcimer is made by

an expert craftsman

with the sensitive ear

of a fine musician.-

Spears Instrument  Thistlegate Music Stu's hammered dulcimer

Finely crafted hammered dulcimers and hammer dulcimer music from North Carolina luthier Lee Spears.

From the top-of-the-line Symphony Chromatic model to the astoundingly resonant European Light-Weight model, the Spears hammer dulcimer is guaranteed to have a balance of tone and volume throughout. Few can make this claim.

With three decades of instrument-building experience and ingenuity behind it, the Spears hammer dulcimer is a highly sought-after item. Lee Spears has built more than 2,100 hammer dulcimers over the years, but nowadays he turns out a smaller number--adding to the mystique. Order Spears CDs from CDBaby or print an order form and order via mail.

Special touches--a delicate mahogany tree standing in the sound hole-- make the hammered dulcimer made by this NC luthier a true collector's item.

A Spears hammer dulcimer is crafted from the perspective of an expert engineer (he also enjoys dismantling and rebuilding Volvos) who has the finely-tuned ear of a musician. He also makes beautiful hammered dulcimer music. See a pic of a dulcimer-in-progress in Lee's shop or view close-up.

A Ndulcimer hammersorth Carolina luthier, Lee Spears also makes hammers that are prized for their impeccable balance and response. They are two-sided: wood on one side gives the traditional, bright sound and the leather-trimmed side yields mellow, muted tones.


N C  luthier Lee Spears makes hammer dulcimers and

hammered dulcimer music

Spears Instrument Company
(704) 637-1334





"Each note resonates

 long enough to play


arpeggios and decays quickly enough to

play dance music...."  

-Satisfied customer  



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